TEFL Methodology: Syllabus and Timetable

A SYLLABUS is a plan which states exactly what ss should learn in a course.


A syllabus is a public document which:


1. consist of a comprehensive list of

  • content items
  • process items (methods, tasks, techniques)




2. is ordered (easier or more essential items come first)

3. has explicit objectives (usually expressed in an introduction)

4. may indicate time schedule

5. may indicate preferred methodology or approach

6. may recommend materials to be used throughout the course.


Types of syllabi:


  • grammatical
  • lexical
  • topical
  • functional
  • situational
  • grammatical-lexical
  • notional
  • functional-notional
  • mixed or multi-strand
  • procedural (tasks, e.g. reading a map, story-telling)
  • process (not written in advance - ss negotiate the content before / during the course)














A TIMETABLE is a translation of the syllabus into a series of lessons.


Features of a good timetable:


  • variety
  • balance
  • sources
  • links
  • activities built on one another
  • particular activities treated as a part of a whole









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