Why the best start in life is a silly name


Artykuł pochodzi z pisma "Guardian"

It's all in a name: the maxim of marketing gurus through the ages has now been adopted by British parents.

Research has revealed they are no longer looking to traditional biblical sources, or even their own family tree, when they christen newborns. Instead, they are increasingly likely to name them after a big brand, or even their grandmother's donkey. Anything that makes them stand out from the crowd.
According to a new study of 600,000 names registered in the UK, the number of parents picking unusual or outlandish ones is increasing by 20 per cent each year.
Children born in Britain last year have been named after big brands as diverse as jeans company Levi's and champagne house Moët. Other unusual names registered include Caramel, Apricot and Bambi for girls and Rocky, Red and Wilberforce for boys.
Although the trend for exotic and made-up names is growing - one girl was named Tame, standing for The Apple of My Eye - British parents are not quite as bold (or stupid, depending on where you stand) as Americans. Across the Atlantic, more and more children are hitched to names like L'Oreal, Armani and Del Monte. There are even two little boys called ESPN after the sports channel.
According to Simon Williamson, the managing director of Bounty, a baby-product marketing company which commissioned the research, the trend is about much more than current cultural whims. 'In marketing speak, children are being given a brand identity or a unique selling point. In a highly competitive world, parents are looking to the future to see where they want to position their children. Part of that is making them memorable and unique.'

adopt - adoptować, przyjmować, przyswajać
bold - odważny, śmiały
commission -zamawiać, zlecać
competitive - współzawodniczący, pełen konkurencji i rywalizacji
current - aktualny, bieżący
diverse - odmienny; rozmaity, zróżnicowany
include - zawierać
increasingly - coraz więcej, coraz bardziej
made-up - zmyślony; make up- zmyślać, wymyślać
memorable - godny zapamiętania
outlandish - dziwaczny, niecodzienny
pick - wybierać
position - lokować, ustawiać (na określonej pozycji)
research - badanie
reveal - odkrywać, ujawniać
source - źródło
stand out - wyróżniać się, odstawać
whim - kaprys, zachcianka, fanaberia


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