Natural Born Killers


Wayne holding a piece of paper in front of his face
and reading from it out loud. We hear Wayne's voice over
Mallory's singing.

(reading out loud)
'After taking a few days to reflect on
your offer, I've come to the conclusion
that you are one hundred percent
correct. A national TV interview would
be very advantageous to both Mallory
and I. The only obstacle is they're
shipping me out to the funny farm in
four days. However, that is your
problem and not mine. I feel confident
you'll manage. Here's to us making
television history. Sincerely, Mickey

Wayne drops the letter down from in front of his face.

Am I a God or what?

We now see the restaurant adorned with the standard Denny's
decorum. Wayne's team is gathered in a booth that surrounds the
remains of a greasy meal. In response to his last remark, they
all pretend they are praying to him.

The team consists of SCOTT, the cameraman, who wears wild
t-shirts (presently a t-shirt with the movie 'She Devils On
Wheels' splashed on the front); ROGER, the soundman, who wears
wild Hawaiian shirts and Bermuda shorts; and UNRULY JULIE,
Wayne's assistant, a young lady who wears Bermuda shorts, a
baseball jersey, and a dark sports coat no matter how hot the
weather is at any time. Roger's never seen without his
recorder, Scott's never without his camera, and Unruly Julie
always has her giant notebook. These dishevelled film types are
all in their twenties and are a marked contrast to Wayne's
stylish yuppie demeanour.

Unruly Julie pops the cork on a champagne bottle. The guys hold
out coffee mugs, while Julie fills. Julie, however, drinks
straight from the bottle.

Drink up! This is a celebration. This
is the day we received word we were
gonna make television history. We're
gonna have the first sit down, in depth
interview with the most charismatic
serial killer ever, one day before he's
being shipped to a mental hospital for
the rest of his life. This is one of
those golden moments that happens maybe
only four times in a lucky journalist's
career. This is Wallace with Noriega,
this is Elton John confessing his
bi-sexuality to the Rolling Stone, this
is the tearful reporting of the
Hindenberg disaster, this is Truffaut
setting the record straight on
Hitchcock, this is a Robert Capa photo,
this is Woodward and Bernstien meeting
Deep Throat in an underground parking
lot, this is John Reid reporting 'The
Ten Days That Shook The World', this is
the hippies' bloody palms at Kent
State, the Maysles brothers at
Altamont, this is the Nixon/Frost

This is Raymond Burr witnessing the
destruction of Tokyo by Godzilla.

Everybody laughs.

What's the schedule?

As Wayne talks, Unruly Julie writes furiously in her notebook.
She never speaks, just writes.

We got tonight and tomorrow to get our
shit together. The day after that
they're shippin' Mallory. That's when
we do the Mickey Knox interview, 'cause
the next day he goes.

Would the network really not run it
without the interview?

Are you kidding? The last thing they
expected was Mickey Knox to get up
close and personal. They wanted a
follow up episode and would've taken
anything I had given them. I'm not
gonna tell Mickey Knox that. I'm gonna
make him think his grey matter depends
on it. When I told Woody and the brass
about this coup, they practically shit
a brick
. I'm talkin' an adobe brick.
They want to expand the show to a hour,
and they want it on immediately.

How immediate is immediately?

Next week's episode.

Wayne's team all spit out mouthfuls of champagne.

We don't got enough footage for a hour
follow up.

(pointing at Roger)
What he said.

Rape and pillage the first episode,
just change the order a bit. Those
sons of bitches out there ain't gonna
know the difference. All that shit is
just filler for the interview anyway.
We film a new intro. Show some old
footage from the first episode so the
get a brief history of Mickey and
Mallory. We introduce a new angle...
what the prison board is up to. We
see some of that new shit, then the
rest of the show is the interview. Now
what's so fuckin' hard about that? Oh,
Julie make a note: I need Woody to get
me thirty seconds of the 'Live at Five'
broadcast to promote next week’s show.
We'll do a feed right from the jail
while we're wrapping up with Mickey.

Unruly Julie scribbles in her notebook. Wayne snaps at Scott.

You too Scott, Betacam and a remote,
keep it simple.

How about the interview...What camera
do you want to use?

Wayne closes his eyes.

I see...high contrast sixteen
millimetre black and white, and I mean
black and white, where the black's
black and the white's white. This is
for posterity, so fuck video. Film!
Film! Film!

When do you want the assembly?



adobe - cegła suszona na słońcu
adorn - przyozdabiać
advantageous - korzystny
assembly - zebranie
booth - kabina, budka
brass - tu: ludzie na kierowniczych stanowiskach
come to the conclusion - dojść do wniosku
confess - wyznawać
coup - wyczyn
demeanour - postępowanie, zachowanie się
dishevelled - rozczochrany, niechlujny
filler - wypełniacz
footage - odcinek filmu
greasy - tłusty
grey matter - (potocznie) inteligencja, szare komórki
Here's to us - Nasze zdrowie!, Za nas!
in depth - szczegółowy, dokładny, dogłębny
network - sieć (telewizyjna)
obstacle - przeszkoda
pillage - grabież
pop - tu: strzelać ( o korku)
posterity - potomność
reflect on - zastanawiać się nad
report - zdawać relację, relacjonować
run - tu: pokazac w telewizji, transmitować, nadawać (program)
serial killer - seryjny zabójca
shit a brick - (informal) to be very frightened; bać się
snap - tu: pstrykać palcami
spit (out); [spat, spat] - wypluwać
splash on - chlapać, bryzgać, drukować wielkimi literami
the funny farm - (informal) mental hospital; szpital psychiatryczny
witness - być świadkiem czegoś
wrap up - tu: rozmawiać w sposób zawoalowany


drink up - wypić do końca; podobnie: eat sth up - zjeść coś do końca

a mouthful of - tu: łyk; także: kęs, porcja

Wyraz „mouthful” stanowi zlepek słów: ‘mouth’ i ‘full’.
Podobnie określa się ilość substancji stanowiącą zawartość np. łyżki:
spoon+ full= a spoonful (of sugar) – łyżka (cukru).


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